Lori Ball
Amanda Deverich, LMFT

Lori Ball

Advanced Practice Nurse

She is here to help.

Best Self-Help Advice

It’s your life. Own it. Live courageously. Think critically. Find community to share life with through all seasons. 

#1 Self Care Habit

Everyday, I get outside before sunrise and as I walk, I voice out loud all that I am grateful for.

“Everybody needs BEAUTY as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where NATURE may heal and give strength to body and SOUL alike.” John Muir.
Meet Lori Ball our Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) specializing in General Psychiatry and Family Medicine here at Williamsburg Counseling. Lori offers a compassionate approach to mental health care, providing psychotropic medication evaluations, management, and supportive psychotherapy for individuals and families.

With a wealth of experience and dual certification from Virginia Commonwealth University and Belmont University, Lori brings a holistic perspective to her practice. Her areas of expertise include substance use disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, trauma-informed care, crises of faith, grief, and family/marital discord.

Lori believes in genuinely integrated care, recognizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and soul. Inspired by the longevity and vitality observed in the world’s “Blue Zones,” she encourages patients to explore lifestyle practices that promote overall well-being and longevity.

Change and growth are central themes in Lori’s practice. She delves into environmental factors, family dynamics, relationships, and childhood beliefs to foster healing and transformation. Drawing from Salvador Minuchin’s family systems approaches, Lori guides clients toward improved communication, clear roles, and harmony within their families.

While psychotropic medications can be valuable tools, Lori emphasizes that they are just one aspect of treatment. She advocates for shared decision-making and personalized approaches tailored to each individual’s needs, circumstances, and preferences.
In Lori’s practice, time, open communication, and collaboration pave the way for well-being, harmony, and optimal health. Discover hope and support on your journey to healing with Lori Ball.