Stephanie Becker, MEd, JD
Stephanie Devon Croke, MEd, JD

Stephanie Becker, MEd, JD

Resident Clinical Mental Health Counselor

She is here to help.

Best Self-Help Advice

Remember that the only thing in the world you can never be wrong about is your own reality.

#1 Self Care Habit

Bad reality television

“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” -John Steinbeck

Stephanie, a resident in counseling, specializes in working with trauma survivors. She is certified in Cognitive Processing Therapy, designed specifically to help trauma survivors integrate their painful experiences into reshaped world views. She also has significant experience working with substance abuse, addiction, depression and anxiety, mental health crises, eating disorders, family systems, and conflict resolution.

Stephanie’s therapeutic philosophy is centered on unconditional acceptance of her clients’ experiences and feelings. Primarily employing cognitive-behavioral techniques, she strives to serve as a thinking partner and supportive guide as clients grow into the people they were created to be. While the road to recovery can be painful at times, Stephanie believes in each and every client’s ability to make meaning of their suffering and ultimately, to lead joyful lives marked by serenity and acceptance of “life on life’s terms.”

Prior to obtaining her Master’s degree in Addictions Counseling at The College of William and Mary, Stephanie practiced as a Navy attorney for 13 years. She is a certified Department of the Navy mentor mediator and has extensive experience coaching both organizational and individual clients through conflict using a facilitative approach.