Pre-Marital Intensive
Pre-marital Intensives
A Pre-marital Intensive with Amanda is a concentrated, solution focused effort to solidify your relationship. You will have her undivided attention. Pre-marital Intensives are powerful for quickly defining core values, sorting through challenges, and improving communication skills. It is an option over therapy that is spread out over several weeks or months. Pre-marital Intensives are significantly more pleasant than years of arguing, ignoring irritations, or silently seething.A pre-marital intensive is not your traditional premarital counseling. It is one couple, one therapist one goal. The goal is to improve your chances for happily ever after in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Ideal for…

Couples who don’t want to be in therapy for weeks. Couples who want to ensure they have explored key subjects that cause marriages to fail. Couples who want skills to negotiate day to day irritations as well as difficult challenges in the years to come. Couples who are embarking on a second or other marriage and want to be sure they are not making the same- or different- mistakes. Couples who live purposefully and are ready to work to ensure success.

How long is it…

Pre-Marital Intensives run for one or two days with a focus on understanding the couple, the relating patterns, identifying what is working and weeding what is not, generating new ideas, and developing a detailed plan for moving forward.Couples intensives begin each day at 9am and run to 4:00pm with a break for lunch.For questions, more information, or to schedule a couples intensive contact Amanda. (757) 903-2406