“… grief shows up throughout our lives because of a variety of situations, not just due to death.  It’s a normal and natural response to letting go of how we thought life should be and accepting how life is.” p14

Join us November 21st at 2pm ET for an engaging  online discussion on transforming grief into empowerment.  The discussion will be professionally led with an opportunity to meet the author, Katie Rossler!

Description:  New Face of Grief Book discussion and Author Meet & Greet

Date: November 21st

Time: 2pm ET

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“You probably know grief really well, but you may not have realized that’s what it was if you have:


  • lost a job or a home.
  • experienced war in any form.
  • had a loss of someone you love.
  • had a miscarriage or lost a baby.
  • gone through a natural disaster.
  • had a dream that was not fulfilled for your child or for yourself.
  • gone through a separation or a divorce.
  • moved to anew country or gone through reverse culture shock.
  • experienced a major move, change, or a rite of passage that created a significant change in your life.
  • changed something in your identity… even if it was a “good” thing like getting married or becoming a parent.
  • experience a change in health status or chronic illness.
  • had someone you love disclose a new identity from how you knew them.
  • disclosed aspects of your identity to others after a long time living as they thought you should.
  • ended a significant relationship or relationships to form healthier boundaries for yourself. ” p28