Launching Adult Children
Parents of adult children ages 19-29 find themselves parenting and providing financial support far longer than expected. Independent adulthood has been delayed resulting in a newly defined, but well established developmental stage known as emerging adults, EAs.

Parents are anxious, worried, and frustrated. They jeopardize financial security to help their EAs launch to independence. Unfortunately, parents’ best intentions backfire as they over-program, push and pay. Current parenting tactics increase dependency, fear, and failure in their EA. A vicious cycle ensues as, not knowing what else to do, parents intensify their actions.

In her TEDx Talk, Amanda addresses what parents can do to promote their EAs to independence.

Amanda at Tedx Talk

Check out Amanda’s TEDx Talk with The College of William & Mary entitled Promoting Emerging Adults to Independence: How Millennials and their Parents Can Navigate the Launch Together. (Talk starts at 1:24:45.)

Motivate and Move On

Motivate and Move On teaches parents a solution focused approach to identify which strategies work and which do not. This simple process will help parents break old habits of using parenting strategies they think should work but do not.

This book is the operations manual for parents to help their EAs motivate and move one. Each parent/EA combination is unique; no one strategy will work for all situations. This book offers more than 30 suggested strategies parents can apply in the Zone of Effectiveness™.


In this book, parents will learn key concepts of the Z.O.N.E. process:

Z: Zones are: the parent zone, the EA zone, and the Zone of Effectiveness™.

O: Outcomes and operations are the goals and strategies best suited for the parent & EA combination.

N: Noticing is being aware of self and what is happening, versus forcing what is not working.

E: Evaluation identifies exactly what is motivating and what is not.

Parents can learn to stop extending the period of emerging adulthood and start promoting their EA to independence.