Personal Intensive
Personal Intensives
A Personal Intensive with Amanda is a concentrated, solution focused effort to improve your life. You will have her undivided attention. Personal Intensives are powerful for in-depth processing of emotions and experiences, kick starting change, and improving your mental state. It is an option over therapy that is spread out over several weeks or months. Personal Intensives are significantly more cost effective than living with depression, anxiety, broken relationships, unresolved issues or other challenges.A personal intensive is not a group experience. It is one person, one therapist, one goal. The goal of a personal intensive is to make things better in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Ideal for…

Individuals who don’t want to be in therapy for weeks. Individuals in a struggling relationship who want to make a change. Individuals recently struck with difficult transitions or news. Individuals who live purposefully and are ready to work to improve their lives.

How long is it…

Personal Intensives run for one or two days with a focus on understanding the individual, the problem at hand, what has already been done to try to fix the problem, generating new ideas, and developing a detailed plan for moving forward.Personal intensives begin each day at 9am and run to 4:00pm with a break for lunch.For questions, more information, or to schedule a personal intensive contact Amanda. (757) 903-2406